"Jesus is the Lord"


Topics following the CATECHESIS of the Spanish Episcopal Conference


I. The Church and the Christians

1. The Christians

2. We are a big family

3. God speaks to us: the Word of God


II. God is our Father

4. Creation is the work of God's love

5. God's love is stronger than sin

6. God the Father never abandons us

7. God the Father fulfills his promise


III. Jesus comes to save us

8. Prepare the way of the Lord

9. Mary, Mother of Jesus and our Mother

10. Jesus, the Messiah, is born in Bethlehem

11. Jesus is true God and true man

12. The Baptism of Jesus


IV. Jesus, the Son of God, lived among us

13. Jesus announces the Good News, the Gospel

14. Jesus brings us the Kingdom of God

15. Jesus does admirable things

16. Jesus prays and fulfills the Father's will

17. Jesus invites his friends to follow him

18. Jesus goes through the world doing good


V. Jesus gives his life for us

19. Jesus celebrates the Passover

20. Passion and Death of Jesus

21. Jesus rose on the third day

22. The risen Jesus sends us the Holy Spirit

23. Jesus Christ reveals the intimate life of God


VI. The Holy Spirit and the Church

24. The Holy Spirit gives life to the Church

25. Today, we are the Church

26. We encounter the risen Jesus in the sacraments

27. Called to collaborate in the Church


VII. Through Baptism, we are born to new life

28. We are born to new life

29. We grow in the life of faith

30. Called to live as children of God

31. We love God above all things

32. We learn to love in the family

33. We love others as brothers and sisters

34. As children, we pray to God, our Father


VIII. Reconciliation. We receive the forgiveness that renews us

35. Sometimes we stray from God's love

36. Jesus brings us God the Father's forgiveness

37. We celebrate Reconciliation


IX. The Eucharist. We are nourished by the Body and Blood of the Lord

38. We celebrate the Eucharist on the Lord's Day


39. We listen to the Word of God

40. We give thanks to the Father for Jesus' sacrifice

41. We eat the Bread of eternal life


X. With Jesus, forever, in the Father's house

42. We are heirs to a great promise

43. God invites everyone to His House

44. The Saints, friends of God forever

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