Monday, June 5, 2023

Jesus to the disciples: "Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful"

Francesc Badia
Monday of the Second Week of Lent
Gospel text
Lk 6:36-38
Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful. “Stop judging and you will not be judged. Stop condemning and you will not be condemned. Forgive and you will be forgiven."
Gospel's Commentary
Today and in our times, let us not forget, Jesus Christ keeps walking uphill towards Jerusalem, where He will give His life for our Salvation. And, yet again, He reminds us about something very important: “Be compassionate”, be merciful, be patient… Because this is the way God is, because Love is this. There is no revengeful love, no ever-criticizing love, no intemperate love… -God is like this and life is like this. “... by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you”. He who cannot forgive does not let others forgive him either!

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